Knowledge Hub for Landscape Practices

Map cultural landscapes and visualise landscapes dynamics and practices

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What is the Hub?

The Knowledge Hub for Landscape Practices is a mapping platform bringing together those working on and in European cultural landscapes.

Cultural landscapes are at the interface of nature and society. They have been shaped and maintained by people and their activities over millennia and thus express a tight interplay of physical features of the human environment with social structures and human ideas. Emphasizing the cultural dimension of such coupled systems implies a holistic view, in which humans perceive and value the existence of landscapes and, at the same time, interact with them and even create them. In Europe, landscapes are largely recognised because of their cultural value as well as because of their contribution to people’s quality of life, through the provision of ecosystem services and biodiversity.

The purpose of this Knowledge Hub for Landscape Practices is to share, obtain and create landscape knowledge to provide a powerful communication tool and bringing together citizens and landscape stakeholders, science and practice in order to support the sustainable stewardship of cultural landscapes. The Hub was set up by the HERCULES project as an open platform where any landscape actor, their networks and organisations are welcomed.

What can the Hub do for you?

The Knowledge Hub for Landscape Practices enables to visualise the interface of nature and society. Geospatial data can be combined with layers of information regarding values and meaning, history, structure and land use intensity, or driving forces, processes and actors of landscape change. The purpose of the Hub is to provide means for collecting both the contribution of experience-based local insights and scientific knowledge. The Hub can be used as a crowdsourcing tool, collecting feedback and input from citizens as well as landscape professionals.

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