Who we are

The "Sustainable Futures for Europe's Heritage in Cultural Landscapes" project (HERCULES) seeked to empower public and private actors to protect and sustainably manage cultural landscapes that possess significant cultural, socio-economic, historical, natural and archaeological value, at a local, national and Pan-European level. The overarching goal of this transdisciplinary research project was to increase understanding of drivers, patterns, and values of European cultural landscapes and to use this knowledge to develop, test, and demonstrate strategies for their protection, management and planning.

The HERCULES project set up the Knowledge Hub for Landscape Practices as an open platform where any actor, their networks and organisations are welcomed.

Funded through the Seventh Framework Program (FP7) of the EU, the project assembles partners from European Universities and research institutes, small and medium-sized enterprises and non-governmental organisations to develop a holistic approach that incorporates diverse stakeholder perspectives to appropriately address landscape changes. It ran from 2013 to 2016.

For more info on the HERCULES project, please visit the project website.