Build your own Lab

An introductory example

Learn how to define the data model you want to work with on Knowledge Hub following through an introductory example (click on button above). When your data model is defined on the Knowledge Hub, you can easily show all your data from Knowledge Hub in one simple widget, that you can embed in your own web page. This way users may use many powerful tools and visualization of the web GIS Knowledge Hub application by browsing your web pages.

Simple lab

Show layers:

Zoom to features: Mt. Everest Kennedy Space Center Frankfurt International Cuba

Get your own widget ID

We need valid Knowledge Hub username so that we can assign widget ID to the username. If you're not registered yet, you can register on
Each widget is assigned to individual theme. You need to provide theme ID which you can get from URL when you have your theme active.
Request new widget id

Working with Geopedia Widget

Before starting using widget, you need a valid widget ID. Just fill in a form on the right and we will provide you with a valid widget ID.
You can use our widget configurator where you can easily set desired settings, from size, sidebar position, 2D/3D mode, layers and many more. Use your own widget ID or test widget functionalities with our testing widget ID.

Once you have your widgetId, you can start configuring the lab to fit your needs.
Widget settings