Access to tools

Tools are available through the buttons above the map. Currently supported features are:

  • Printing
  • Share link
  • Directions
  • Additional tools


You can print maps and map information that appear on Knowledge Hub.

Both printing to pdf and simple printing to jpg/png are supported. Additional templates for pdf printing can be added upon request.

  1. Adjust the map so the content you want to print is visible.
  2. When ready, click the "Print" button to print.
  3. Your browser's print dialog will appear. Follow the instructions to print your map.
Print parameters

The Print dialog box lets you set options for a particular print job.

Share link via e-mail, facebook or twitter

Link sharing made simple. Each map location has its own URL. You can share the map view by copying and pasting the URL. Or you can use the share tool.

Share link

KnowledgeHub allows for quick and easy sharing of content via shared links. Shared links can be used to send important content to coworkers and friends.

Share link


To find car or walking routes between two points use the "Directions" tool.

  1. Enter your starting and destination point.
  2. Starting point and destinations
  3. Click the "Search" button to get directions and display the route visually on the map.
  4. See your options. Your potential routes appear directly below the search box. To see different options switch between tabs.
  5. Routes
  6. Below the search box is a full list of your directions
  7. Directions list
  8. To change your mode of transportation click the by car/walking icon. The best way to your destination is highlighted first, in blue.
  9. Mode of transportation

To add multiple waypoints click the "Add waypoint" button. In the text box that appears type your intermediate destination. To add more, click the "Add waypoint" again.

Add waypoint

To remove a point click the close icon icon at the right of the address.

Additional tools

Currently supported additional tools are:

  • Search by selection
  • Import
  • Measure distance and area
  • Coordinates converter
Additional tools

Search by selection

The Search by selection tool will help you with searching features by drawing a selection area.

Search by selection


The import wizard will help you easily import data into new layers. Here`s how.

Currently supported files are:

  • Esri Shapefiles (.shp),
  • GPX data (.gpx),
  • GML (.gml),
  • MapInfo TAB (.tab),
  • MapInfo MIF/MID (.mif).

Data is immediately available after a successful import.

Import data

Measure distance and area

The measure distance tool is a simple way of find the distance between points on a map or to calculate the surface area of a polygon.

  1. Select the "Measure distance and area" tool.
  2. Left click anywhere on the map and click again to add additional points.
  3. Hold the CTRL button to pan while measuring.
  4. Right click to finish.
Measure distance

Coordinates converter

The coordinates converter tool converts the coordinates of a manually input or selected point (by choosing on the map) between available coordinate reference systems.