"My landscape ratings" smartphone app

  • Use-case based applications
  • Reconfigurable build and deploy
  • Intrinsic connection to Knowledge Hub

About smartphone applications within HERCULES project

The implementation of any Knowledge Hub/HERCULES smartphone application is a two component system:

  • Android-based mobile application (what users get) is built by Sinergise. Because Sinergise is using custom in-house built software, a new application can be built within a day.
  • Data repository (underlying server-side system, where data from a mobile application is eventually stored) + the web GIS part of the Knowledge Hub, where the collected data can be viewed or used for further purposes.

Thus anyone interested in having a smartphone application, first needs to specify the data model that identifies what data the user of the smartphone application will be collecting (using Knowledge Hub web GIS application, see  example).

A smartphone application allows youto collect geolocated data and invite other users to give feedback on proposed good landscape practices; with the possibility to easy reconfigure the building process, the Knowledge Hub for Landscape Practices offersan extensible tool for asking public for targeted (research) questions.

Please contact Sinergise info@sinergise.com if you are interested in a similar application.

My landscape ratings

The application named “My landscape ratings” was a prototype smartphone application within the HERCULES project. for crowdsourcing powered data collection.

The core functionality of this prototype is collecting various types of (geo-referenced) data. The current application has been tailored to be used by HERCULES partners ( University of Freiburg) to collect geolocated data (geotagged photos) and gather additional information on how users perceive their landscapes for a European-scale survey on landscape practices. In order to achieve that, the prototype has been configured as a survey-like application, allowing users to take a photo (of a landscape or landscape feature), answer to a short list of questions by choosing predefined answers and add comments.

As the application technology is coupled with the Knowledge Hub repository of spatial and alphanumerical datasets, the data upload of what the user records is transferred directly to the repository and is (upon successful upload) immediately seen on the Knowledge Hub (both web GIS application and through labs).

The application is still available on Google Play.